Verein innovativ-praktizierender Zahnmediziner/innen e.V. represents the interests of general dentists in private practice. Together we are strong and present a united front in the face of professional organizations, institutions, and the dental industry. This association was found due to decisive factors such as our wish for more self-determination as well as our striving for good communication and the enhancement of innovative treatment methods that have originated in daily practice. As dentists and dental technicians we make ourselves heard: the VIP-ZM – Verein innovativ-praktizierender Zahnmediziner/ innen e.V. (society of dentists with innovative practices).

Our main task is to manage informative public relations work, but our focus is also on legal, forensic and accounting issues. We are aiming to communicate and cooperate closely with other societies and organizations as well as with science, universities, and research. We are striving to provide our society members with better conditions compared to dental industry and continuing education centers.

Together with you, our VIP-ZM society is developing practical, patient-friendly, and affordable continuing education concepts in the field of Dentistry. Innovation and communication are the leitmotifs of our successful joint association work. “From the practice – for the practice” is more than just a slogan, we pursue the society’s common goal: of communicating – addressing the same issues, comparing proven and everyday issues, and also discussing failures and thus initiating new learning processes. We are a strong community, the VIP-ZM association – Verein innovativ-praktizierender Zahnmediziner/ innen e.V.
Feel free to join us.

The VIP-ZM society consists of a growing number of practicing general dentists, who have specialist knowledge of various branches of Dentistry. Our society is at your disposal. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

However, the VIP-ZM society is firmly opposed to the idea of needing specialist dentists in individual branches of Dentistry. We need neither a specialist in Periodontology nor a specialist in scaling, and we are not striving for a specialist title.

General dentists are the ones who are Dentistry specialists, and their interest group is the VIP-ZM – Verein innovativ-praktizierender Zahnmediziner/ innen e.V.