VIP-ZM Objectives

Objectives and tasks of the society are clearly defined: the special interest group for dentists in private practice

Concretely, this means: preparing, checking, and spreading diagnostic and innovative therapeutic methods in Dentistry, which provide profound insight into holistic Dentistry. The patient is at the center of a dental treatment. Patient-friendly and affordable minimally invasive methods are paramount. Current Dentistry should be accessible to the general public.

The “VIP-ZM” is the interest group for general dentists in private practice. VIP-ZM stands for cooperation, team spirit, and high-quality practical continuing education courses for dentists, dental technicians, and assistants.

In addition, the “VIP-ZM” advises its members on the following themes:

  • Advertising rights of dentists
  • Foundation of Dentistry Societies and disputes with associates
  • Purchase/sale of a dental office
  • Conclusions of agreements (e.g. group practice, shared practice, medical service centers)
  • Integrated care agreements (IV)
  • Defense in case of patients’ claims for damages and compensations for personal suffering
  • Dentist’s remuneration claims
  • Collection for dentists
  • Independent procedure of taking evidence
  • Problems with the remuneration distribution scale
  • Economic feasibility check (representation before the audit committee, the grievance committee, and social courts)
  • Representation in case of professional rights proceedings , e.g. in case of the withdrawal or suspension of the medical license, penalties
  • Representation before the prosthetic agreement committee

In addition, “VIP-ZM” supports:

  • Continuing education courses via Internet and further electronic media (E-Learning)
  • Publication of practical results and scientific articles, e.g. in the new communication site of the society
  • International study group building and support
  • Advice for patients through public relations and events
  • Organization of conferences, congresses, and further scientific continuing education courses

Change start here – with VIP-ZM!
You can find VIP-ZM objectives and the membership application in this brochure